24, August 2022

In partnership with Mark Koolmatrie of Kool Tours, Gemtree Wines is launching a new cultural tour, “Wuldi” that celebrates the region’s indigenous culture, biodiversity, and natural beauty.

Guests are invited to join Ngarrindjeri elder, Mark Koolmatrie to walk the Gemtree Eco Trail, a place of natural beauty, where he will share the ancient stories of his people and explore our responsibilities of caring for the land, waters and eco system.

The wuldi or eagle in Ngarrindjeri language, soars high above us, observing the land and the people, keeping its watchful eye over how we protect the environment. Mark is passionate about continuing the work of the wuldi upon the ground, nurturing the environment and teaching the connection to self through nature. Mark is the winner of the 2021 South Australian Landcare Award for Indigenous Land Management.

Mark says, “Walk in parallel with the land, the land speaks to you if you allow it to”.

Guests finish the experience with relaxed conversation, a native food plate and a tasting flight of Gemtree’s biodynamic wines while they take in the natural beauty of the Eco Trail.

Gemtree co-owner and vigneron Melissa Brown said Wuldi is the ideal partnership alongside Gemtree’s other sustainable tourism initiatives.

“Sustainable and regenerative farming principles are not only core to Gemtree’s wines, but also to our visitor experiences. The land upon which we farm, and regenerate has such a long and rich history of which we are only a very small part.” Melissa said.

“Through Wuldi, Mark shares the ancient living story of the land and region to help us gain an understanding of its history and our responsibility to its future.”

The Wuldi tour runs for 150 minutes including wine tasting and native food platter and is limited to just 20 people per session.

The next Wuldi tour will run on Saturday 24 September from 10am to 12:30pm and tickets are available through the Gemtree website.

Subsequent twilight tours are scheduled for 29 October and 26 November.