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Tourist Visitation Data

Date Period



Unfiltered or raw detections occur when a visitor is near or passes a detection beacon. A visitor may be detected several times during their visit, or may be an employee or resident in the region.

Tourist Visitor Detection Count


A tourist is defined as a visitor which has not been detected for more than 5 of the last 30 days, suggesting a short term stay or day trip to the region.

Overnight Visitor Detection Count


Overnight visitors are detections which returned visited for two consecutive days in a row.

Average Tourist
Dwell Time


The average visit duration for a tourist visitor across all sites.

Number of sites visited per visitor *

The number of sites that an individual tourist visited during the time period (up to 4 sites). *24 hour period

Peak time of visitation

The percentage of visitors for each hour of the day for the selected time period.

Live Beacon Data

Corner of McLaren Flat and Elliot Roads

McLaren Flat


Olivers Road/Osborn Road

Chapel Hill Winery Tasting Room and Gallery

Chapel Hill Road

Maxwell Wines

Olivers Road/Chalk Hill Road

Yangarra Estate Vineyard


Woodstock Wine Estate

Blewitt Springs

Visitor Information Centre

Corner of Main and Stump Hill Roads

Wirra Wirra Vineyards

McMurtrie Road

The Salopian Inn

Main Road/McMurtrie Intersection

Willunga Farmers Market


Oxenberry Farm Wines

Kangarilla Road

Kay Brothers

Kays Road

Olivers Taranga

Seaview Road


Whites Valley

Star of Greece

Port Willunga